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Since the dot com bubble in the early 21st century Internet is one of the most dominated technologies that have spread to almost all corners of this digital world. Making websites and promoting them via regular blog is the trend most companies are following for last decade. Content Management System (CMS) provide the right architecture and backend development for making quicker websites. WordPress is surely the most popular among all CMS, framework and custom platforms used for developing websites. Around 24% of all the websites built their backend is managed by WordPress only. One of their chief component that WordPress is their compatibility with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) i.e. promoting your websites in this high competitive digital marketing.
1. Permalink Structure: URL structure is one of the most important factors for on-page optimization and this comprehensive CMS allows easily switching their URLs structure as post name. Although the default permalinks are number based but you can go to WP admin than settings to permalink to make it how you want to display your URL structure.
2. Special SEO plugins: There are many SEO plugins available that are must for almost every WordPress sites as they provide the right space for adding all the on-page information like title, description and smooth integration with Google Webmaster and Google Analytics respectively. Yoast, All in one SEO are two of the most used plugins that have got more than 10 millions installed already from WordPress plugins directory itself. Sitemaps,
2. Customized Title and Meta Information: These two combine together to give the first impressions of your post or page in the Search rankings. Title and Meta description can be added differently for each post giving the content custom information to search engines respectively. Combined with SEO plugins they gave the option to add this information right after you have written content. Also be default the title of the post is used as title in the pages impressions on the Search engines.
3. Categories, Tags and Archive: WordPress offers inclusive options to group your posts in collective manner to improve the user experience as they can visit the site for information usefully. Tagging similar words and unique phrases that are based on your content is another SEO unique benefit that WordPress gives. Add only two or three max to specific post rather than bulking them with more keywords. Each month and yearly content is archived and you can customize the design, title, Meta as well give unique web layouts to entice more user friendly nature of your website.
4. Image Alt Title Optimization: When you add an image to your specific post there are clear option to add image title and alt text which are considered positive signals as on-page factors.
5. Automatic Pinging: WordPress uses automatic built-in ping function to let Search Engines know about updates on your websites making your new posts to get indexed as soon as possible.
These are the main five SEO benefits that WordPress offers to its websites. Along with these related content plugins allows better internal linking which is considerable factor for on-page SEO. GZip compression, CSS & JS files compression’s, Caching control, CDN, optimizing image sizes can be controlled in better which results in faster website loading which most of the Search Engines prefer. AP Web World is complete IT Solutions Company with SEO specializations that can create whole new online experience for your company for long term success of businesses. We are available for 24×7 communication for guiding and consultations regarding queries & support for our clients.



AP WEB WORLD is website design, development and digital marketing company. We are providing our services from last 6 years and all the blogs written on our personal experience with our visitors and clients.

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  1. Methew Bond says:

    Promoting the website through digital marketing is very important. As per the blog, it seems wordpress is the best CMS for digital marketing. It was very informative.

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