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Why Long Tail Keywords must be included in Your SEO Planning

Why Long Tail Keywords must be included in Your SEO Planning

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SEO has come far way since the time it began affecting the general search results. Continuous updates in ranking algorithm by Google have forced experts from the world to change their strategies again and again. Keywords still have the prime importance around which all our SEO planning is done. Keywords with log tail have higher conversion rates with specific targeted clientele to boost your business online traffic. Number of Searches of these keywords may be low but the impact is much higher on your business planning. Here we are narrowing down the importance of long tail keywords for your business.
Low Market Competition
Markets for online businesses have undergone tremendous change in the last decade. This has resulted in race for keywords get inside top rankings. Once you start the keywords research for your online business and grouping is done for use you will find the results dominated by two-three keywords. As they have the highest number of searches along with high competition that might take years of planning so you must add specific long tail keywords right in the mix as they give you leads sooner. Low competition on these keywords might give your website to have top SERP’s on these keywords too. Getting early impressions on Search engines will have positive impact on Analytics too where you can judge all the landing pages for their performance respectively. Long tails Keywords are immensely used by the users to get their specific requirement that’s why we must use them accordingly.
SERP Factor
Being low in competition these long tail keywords have the higher chances of breaking inside the top SERP (Search Engine Result Page). These long keywords usually include the two-three main keywords between them so they will also rank better in long term too. For e.g. martial art equipment is high competition keyword whereas martial art equipment in India and martial art training equipments are long tail which you might give top SERP rankings.
Lower Costs in Adwords PPC
As long tail keywords have few searches attached it also have lower posts in pay per click using paid campaign which allows to drive more traffic to your website with limited budget. Your websites will be placed higher and get more leads if you use these specific long tail keywords with lower costs simultaneously.
These factors along with long tail keywords all are part of the long SEO planning that must be followed in sophisticated manner. Still searching the right long tail keywords for online business is completely strategic and requires expertise as well precision for getting them inside your SEO strategies. AP Web World is professional SEO agency who has around 10 years of skillful experience of successfully placing business keywords in top SERP results. Our guidance and consultation is appreciated by clients across the globe for their business impact. If you are start-up and looking to tap the online potential for your specific online products then AP Web World is the perfect place to begin with!



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